Customer Service Representatives,

Meet Lucy

Let's face it. Long hold times lead to angry customers, and it's easier to keep a customer happy than it is to win over a hothead. When callers use or the LucyPhone iPhone application to contact your team, they can opt-out of the hold time, and receive a call back when you come on the line.

By Listening for Lucy, you are

  • Respecting your customer's time
  • Increasing satisfaction even during periods of high call volume
  • Enjoying pleasant callers

How it Works

When a customer has used LucyPhone to call your 1-800 number, you'll hear 'Lucy' when you answer their call. She'll prompt you to "Press 1 to connect" and then you'll hear your calling customer answer the phone. It's so easy, requires no special integration, and you'll find you're dealing with much more pleasant customers!

LucyPhone is making news...

  • In a recent Consumer Reports survey about everyday annoyances, with 10 being “annoys you tremendously,” respondents rated the failure to get a human being on a customer service line an 8.6 ...
  • Sometimes, you just want someone to hold you. And while we're not drawing any conclusions, it's usually right after you've spent a good portion of your day on hold dealing with customer service. But sometimes you'd settle for someone to hold for you.
  • Elevator jazz, assurances of "unusual call volumes," having to leave your phone on speaker mode—waiting on hold stinks. Free service LucyPhone can listen to the hold music for you, then call you back when a real human picks up.