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LUCY (5829)

Introducing... SMS for LUCY

  • We've gone and made it even easier to set up a Lucyphone call. If you can send a text, you can avoid waiting on hold. How does it work?

  • First, text Lucy the company name you want to reach by sending your request to (424) 999-LUCY (5829).

  • If you already know the number of the company, you can just text that number to Lucy, and you will be connected.

  • If you get put on hold during your call, just press ** and Lucy will take your spot in queue.

  • To cancel the call, just reply 'C'

  • To join the call, just reply 'J'

  • To see the status of a call, just reply 'S'

How it works
First we'll connect you to the company.
If you get put on hold, press * * and we will wait in your spot for you.
When your call reaches an agent, you will get a call back.


We've all been there.   Sitting on hold with some company that won't stop telling you "how important your call is" to them.  That's why we created LUCYPHONE.

Lucyphone is the first consumer-driven "virtual queuing" or callback system.  Our technology is free for consumers.  We don't sell or share your phone number and we don't run ads.

Smartphone Apps

In addition to this mobile-friendly website, Lucyphone is also available as a native app on the iPhone and on Android devices.

For Companies

Our enterprise solutions power callback for brands such as Intuit, Teleflora, & MetLife.  Learn more at CALLPROMISE .

Our GetHuman Partnership

Tired of punching your way through the telephone tree?  Check out our partnership with GetHuman .

Our team

Tom Oristian

Creator / Developer

Mike Oristian

Creator / Developer

Richard Davy



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